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  1. Maudal 4 years ago

    Hola , se puede saber que que parte sos ?

  2. Akinolar 4 years ago

    Nah, there's nothing she can do except plan to separate. I mean, I know that sounds harsh, but your partner should NEVER be okay with making a unilateral decision like that. She should have been notified that the wife was coming over in the first place, unless they had a standing agreement to let her visit her kids whenever she wanted, which is reasonable. But the fact that the husband took her aside and TOLD her that she was staying with them for 3 weeks, without even considering it, and the fact that she went along with it, kind of lets me know that there's no power there on her part.

  3. Arall
    Arall 4 years ago

    I shouldn't be the only one that thinks this is the prettiest movie

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